PBWeekend : Dinner at the Park


The last escapade that we had with my cousins when they were here, was eating our dinner at the park. The kids were already hungry so no matter how tempting the play ground was they cannot help it but to eat our dinner, of course playing could wait though.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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  1. Looks like you have a great time here! It's always nice having them around sometimes!

    I missed this moments with my family:)

  2. hahaha ka nice sa venue kay park man…asa mani dapit Anne…People's Park ra man ako nahibal-an hehehe…walay pool diha kay aron deretso ambak inig human kaon nyahahaha.

    tuod Ann, asa diay ka diri Davao..dia ko sa Matina.

  3. wweeehhh!!Pagkain!!!Kahit ako di makakapaglaro pag di makakain ng foodies lol!Love the food tripping with the whole family outdoor^_^

    Happy PBW!!

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