Psychic Kids

There are things in this world that is unexplainable, there are others may see it or feel it, others may not., I am not sure if you would be happy if you have this gift but one thing for sure, one must face it otherwise you may forever get scared of all the unexplainable things you see.

I watched yesterday the Psychic kids in Bio Channel, and I saw how these kids were scared of their talent. One was being rejected by friends because they thought that she is a freak, the other one does not have a good relationship with her Mom because she is worried she might not understand her, and the last one failed her grades at school because the spirits are bothering her and she could not concentrate on her studies.

But through the help of some professional psychic they were able to overcome their fear. The two enhanced their capability but the other one wanted those spirits to leave her alone. Talents like these would not be easy to get rid off, no matter how we avoid keeping seeing things, but if we try to talk to them, maybe we will not be afraid anymore instead we can enhance this ability. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t even wish for this kind of talent, but if you notice that some of your relative has this kind of gift, its better to ask help from a professional so they could help them.

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  1. What an interesting post! I can't imagine what it would be like to be able to see spirits or entities. But I can imagine how hard it must be on children and adolescents to have that ability. I have always been very sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others around me and it was very hard to deal with when I was a teenager. Both my parents and I thought I was crazy lol!

  2. @Vickie yup thats why some have a distant relationship with other parents because they could no longer talk to them, mere and pure understanding must be given to those who possess these gifts, in our country they mostly believe in those things and we won't think those people who have this kind of talent are crazy. Because it is in our belief that there are entities in this world though sometimes they over react on that, lol

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