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Well, I guess we are the living witness of the saying “Opposite Attracts” because we are totally a no-match couple even at the very beginning but guess what, we still love each other no matter what. One example that you could tell that we are so opposite is that I think and plan so fast, he doesn’t. He would always say give them one week or two weeks and we would make a follow up, I can’t wait for a day so I always bug him. Maybe he is so patience with anything around and I am not. I am so aggressive to make things done and he would always take a moment or two to finish it.
I am extrovert and he is so introvert, when you ask him he won’t go into detail, he will just answer yes or no and I am the opposite because I would tell you things even it was not asked. I am the talkative and he is not, he always the quiet one while I am so vocal. I love crabs and shrimps and he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t even eat fish that much. He loves to read science fiction books like of the star trek or anything that includes stars and the universe and I am into drama, love story or when the leading character is a woman.
I’ll worry too much and he keeps me calm, I overly panicked when everything went wrong and he always tells me its alright.

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  1. hahaha, parehas sila ni hubbz ko. Me, I seemed to be the one who thinks fast, wants a decision as in right now, and panic. Hubbz is opposite on that, he is slow in making a decision, very calm and doesn't like crabs coz they are like bugs to him.

  2. oh di ba ang saya Anne, kahit marami incompatibilities eh loves nyo pa rin ang isa't isa. Ganyan yata ang true love. you and me have something in common, we love reading romance novels, oh di ba? your husband sound so calm and understanding, saka sabi mo nga lots of patience, swerte mo naman.

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