PBWeekend : With Cousins at Japanese Tunnel

Since the van that my cousin rented from the province was impound due to lack of papers, they can’t get home on Sunday. They have to wait for the owner to come by and wait for the decision, only then later, they found out that the van could not be issued due to some issues they need to attain for. So I invited them to roam around the city then I’ll just shoulder the expenses for a rent van.
From the tomb of my Father and my Aunt Eve, we headed to Japanese Tunnel and the People’s Park, but let me post here the Japanese Tunnel; next week would be the park. Happy Monday everyone!

I and the wife of my cousin Kuya Marlon with their youngest daughter,
we just paid our entrance here.

I and the sister of my Mom,
Mj (he got the same name with my daughter) and Ayana

The kids, sister and I

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  1. Gurl, it reminds mi kailangan kung bumalik dito … kasi yung eyeglasses ng asawa ko naiwan sa mesa at nakuha ng waiter buti nalang .. katangahan galore … hahahah.. enjoy jud mu no…

  2. hi anne.. thanks for visiting my blog and checking my PBW post..

    its nice to see and spend time with old relatives again..

    have a nice week!

  3. @ Imelda its just so sad that many are developing already subdivisions and they are afraid the tunnel would collapse so they cut it out and make it short

  4. Thank you sharing your family with us. They are a great group. Sorry you had to go through so much on your family outing. These things happen to us all once in awhile.

  5. You are exactly right LV if only they knew that the van they rented has lack of papers, they might get back home right on time

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