• Ruby Tuesday

    Ruby Tuesday # 18 : Fountain

    My friend invited me yesterday for celebrating her Father’s birthday at the beach and since I woke up late and have to do an update here, I just followed them. 12:00 n.n., I arrive at the venue that I passed by with this fish fountain along the pathway. I thought for an entry for Ruby Tuesday so I stopped and took a picture of this cute little fish fountain. The closer look The flag with a ruby color on it and those fish fountains in line If you got ruby colors to share on your pictures, just click the badge above to join. Thanks!

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    A Costume for their Program

    Last Sunday, my eldest daughter has bugging me to buy her costumes for their program on Wednesday. While we roamed around the mall to buy her a costume, I noticed that they already displaying some halloween costumes on racks. Other countries would be wearing those glaring and scary halloween costumes, I love to see them in real but I guess we could not witness that anymore. My husband seems want to give up living there with us, so maybe we are not meant to be there. Moreover, Mj was able to choose what she needed to wear for the upcoming event at school. She is so excited. She even told…

  • PBWeekend

    PBWeekend: Kadayawan Sale

    This is what I bought during the Kadayawan Sale here in Davao. The price of the pants supposedly worth P200.00 pesos they gave it to me only P179.00, the blouse was P399.00 with a 5% discount, that’s worth only P379.05. The sandals were supposed to be P600.00, it was 50% discount so they sell it for only P300.00, now tell me did I get a real discount this time? Hehehe, now I am looking forward for another sale.

  • Sunday Stealing

    Sunday Stealing # 12 : The Majorly Personal Meme, Part 2

    I and my daughter Mj just finished cleaning the house; I was also done feeding my little monster Faith. So that explains why I am here ready to post my Sunday Stealing entry. Whew! It has been two weeks that I didn’t post any Meme’s and to start the week, here’s my entry for Sunday Stealing. Cheers to all the thieves out there, here in blogosphere. 21. If you were to live your life without your best friend, what would change? Surely, I have no one I can talk about anything in this world. 22. Tell us about a era of your life that you really miss. My Friends in…