Ruby Tuesday # 15 : Jeepney

Here’s one of my youngest daughter activity when her Aunt is not here, she went with me when I have to exchange the worksheets of Mj at Kumon, And since there was no available taxi cab at that time, we hailed a Jeepney for us to ride.

Jeepney in the Philippines is the number 1 means of transport, it could bring you wherever you will go though it depends of its route or area they are allowed to pick up and send passengers.

Ruby Tuesday

So behave as if she was really alone riding a Jeepney, dont worry folks this baby was with her Mom, she was just too busy clicking her camera for her little baby.

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8 Responses to “Ruby Tuesday # 15 : Jeepney”

  1. Auntie E says:

    Great ruby moment. Cute girl you have.
    My Ruby Link for you

  2. Marice says:

    i wish that the jeepney was not moving 🙂

    u may view mine here

  3. Manang Kim says:

    She looks like waiting for somebody to come in! A cutie!

    Barnyard Express

  4. anne says:

    thank you Auntie E

  5. anne says:

    @ Marice It was not moving at that time yet because it still waiting for more passenger to come

  6. anne says:

    Thanks Manang Kim she was so behave that time thank GOD lol

  7. eileeninmd says:

    She is a cutie, great photo! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  8. anne says:

    thanks eileen