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My husband is a computer geek, he is always on the rescue whenever I have a problem with my computer even though he is too far away from us I never hire for a programmer to reformat my computer because I can ask him to help me even online. My husband does not look like he knows everything, but when you start asking him, you will be surprise of how intelligent he is.,

And as for me, my talent I guess is to bug or kulit him around with stuff; well I have my reasons though. My friend said I can also be techie but geez it took me a day to figure out with codes or decodes etc. If that matters interest me, expect me patiently to try until I will know the solution but if it does not interest me at all, no matter how simple it is I can never fixed it. If you can call it a talent when I know a person is lying well, maybe I have that talent also.

When I was in college, I always joined to a dance contest in our organization, sometime we won, sometimes we don’t. Mj loves dancing, she can wiggle her hips so well, maybe that’s one talent she got from me. I am not sure if I can do the dancing once again, I guess I am fully retired with it.

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  1. Rossel says:

    same here sis, was a dancer in school but now retired from dancing like you, ehehe. thanks for dropping by.

    by the way, can I ask you a favor? can you visit my post here and leave your comment?

    thanks in advance and God bless!

  2. tatess says:

    ayan ang frustration ko pagsasayaw .waah ,parehong kaliwa paa ko

  3. Chuchie | Chie Wilks says:

    mero ka palang pagka psychic sis…u read lies from people's is nice..

    sa dancing naman, one of ur kids will surely follow that talent of urs

  4. Dhemz says: wonder where MJ got her talent…sos ako wala man tawon ka talent talent woi…ehehhehe!

    don't forget to join my 2nd giveaway contest girl….:)

  5. kha says:

    that was the deal! if it interest you, then it's easy no matter how hard.. if it's not, simplest will be the most difficult.

    frustration ko din ang pagsasayaw. halos lahat ng kababata ko eh magaling magsipagsayaw ako lang hindi.. ayaw ng mga paa ko hahaha
    Happy CC!

  6. By MelCole of PA says:

    Hello Anne, your hubby and my hubby have the same interest, computers. Good for you that you can dance, me I'm stiff. hehehe

  7. chubskulit says:

    Wish hubby is a geek lol, pareho kaming aanga anga sa computer wahhhhh… Di rin ako marunong sumayaw, buti ka pa sis hehehe.

    Come and see our talents yeah right lol. see you in Nostalgia.

  8. anne says:

    Your welcome Rossel

  9. anne says:

    Lol ako tatess nag retire na wahh hehehe

  10. anne says:

    I know chuchie si Mj nga marunong talaga siya ng mga stepping pero sigh she is interested to learn the swimming than to enhance her dance talent lol

  11. Mommy Liz says:

    avah! meron tayong mga dancer dito ah. yan ang bagay na di ko kayang gawin, sabi nga ng sister ko, i am not graceful enough. di na nga ako marunong kumanta, di pa marunong sumayaw. ano ba yan! bakit kaya mga guys eh ang gagaling sa computer stuff noh? si Rodney din eh, di naman sana nag aral. hmm..tyagaan lang siguro noh? Ikaw amrami kang talent, di mo lang alam kung ano, hehehe.

  12. Tetcha says:

    I'm not a techie person, too; that's my weakness or maybe because I don't really have time to experiment. When it comes to computer matters, I let my husband take control, just like you, or if he's not around, I'll seek the help of friends n the blogosphere.

  13. anne says:

    HEHEHE mommy liz gusto kung kumanta kanta ayaw sa akin lol

  14. anne says:

    @ Tetcha ako tinatamad lol