Shopping with Hubby

My husband has no fashion sense. I guess it is because he really does not enjoy shopping for clothes. He does enjoy going to the mall with us because he always ends up chasing Faith around, but when it comes to buying men’s clothing, he would really let me do it for him. I know I have good taste when it comes to pick out clothes and I am a smart shopping, always looking for good quality and good prices. But, if you were to watch him shop for his own clothes, he will just run in the store and buy whatever fits as long as it is not pink.

Now, as you know us Filipina love to go to the mall. We can spend hours there, for him; I think he actually enjoys buying clothes for us more than he does for himself. It has been two years since he has even bought a new pair of shoes and longer than that since he has spent money on clothes for work. The last thing he bought for himself was a pair of cargo shorts. Well, I know that I can pick clothes out for him and he will like them as long as they are not pink.

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