Make sure it function well

I just bought a new phone two months ago, I wanted to buy an iphone though but I guess, that time was not the right time; it was too expensive for me then. If I would buy another phone for me an iphone perhaps, it should have an iphone warranty so when it would damage all so sudden I could replace it to the customer service center without any hassle. And their customer service center must be effective so my money will not be wasted unlike with the customer service center of some phone I know, I was the living witness of how they treat their customer when she went there to have her new phone check, she just bought that phone downstairs and when she went home it was totally damaged. But the in charge of that customer service said it looks like it was not under the warranty, it was totally wrecked and they don’t have any parts of that phone to replace it.
The customer was so disappointed; she realized how she was fooled when she bought it to the store yesterday. She was in a hurry and told the salesperson to just put the phone in the box without checking it. Lesson learned, when you buy a phone, make sure that the salesperson demonstrate the goods for you and make a thorough check of the phone for your assurance that it function very well.

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