Today’s Activities

We just arrived here at the pool from Kumon; we had been out of the house since 6:00 a.m., in the morning for Mj’s workout in swimming. I thought we would be at Kumon early but I was wrong, we came in almost of her time so expect her to finish at exactly at lunch time. She said her English subject is getting so hard but she said she just finish another level and she is ready to the next level she told me that I have to report at Kumon to talk to her teacher on Tuesday, she said she will have another teacher.
Right after her Kumon we went to the mall to supposedly buy a pool buoy because she needs it for her training. But I totally forgot about it when we agreed to watch a local movie, stars Judy Ann Santos and Sarah Geronimo, it was a kind a movie that you could watch in every local movie but we just can’t stop laughing of their funny jokes and gestures. I would buy her one tomorrow yet because we were already in a hurry for her swimming class.

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