Busy Weekends,  My Night

Here I am at 12:20 A.M.

Yup, I am still awake and mind you I still have to wake up at 5:30 a.m., to prepare Mj’s breakfast, good thing she knows how to cook a rice already. There are many reasons why I am still here at this very hour and these are the following:

  • My Internet goes on and off again since this morning so I was not able to click the adgitize, now I am trying my very best to click some and comment some.
  • I was a bit upset with our application so I was not motivated to update my blog only to find out that most of my batch mate who filed during that month did not also received a notice of action 2.
  • I am a bit excited because my relatives from the province would be here and stay here in my rented home very soon so we have some company for how many days.
  • On Friday, I would be very busy to buy us some dress for the wedding so I am taking this chance to click some blog and comment back to those who commented this blog, I hope I can still open my eyes to visit you guys.
  • 8:00 a.m., sharp I would send Mj to Kumon so we can attend the wedding of my cousin in the afternoon, I hope I can cope up with my schedule though not to mention that Mj’s exam would be next week and I am assisting her to study and review her notes.
  • Folks, sad to say but I can’t keep up anymore, I’ll make it up to you guys some other time, please bear with me I only have two hands, 10 fingers, one head, two eyes and two feet and etc. In short I am only human who sometimes get too busy and will need some rest this time. Goodnight bloggers till then!


  • Dhemz

    waaaaaa….ka busy sa inahan..puno ang listahan…ehehehe!

    ako pod girl wala nasad ko kag blog hop woi…busy akong life man jud this time..mamawi nalang ko puhon….lol!

    hope na recieve na sa imong hubby ang ako g send….:)

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