Couples Corner : When We Were Sick

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It is just sad for both of us because we cannot take good care of each other physically when we are sick so mostly he would call me over the phone when I got sick and would spare me from not being online. If he got sick, he usually would be online on his mini laptop while lying in bed; he would check the kids and would ask me, how our day went? At 9:00 p.m., or less he would park his keyboard and would say goodnight to us.
I know he would be a caring husband if we are together when we are sick because that is what we promised when we tie our bond together, in sickness and in health, till death do us part. I just hope they could hear me pleading for our application to move forward.

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  1. aranasan ko din yan Anne, and when I have bad migraines then, I would cry sa phone pag kausap nya ako lol.. Matagal pa ba bago kayo magmigrate?

    See you in Nostalgia.

  2. ana jud kay lau man mo sa usag-usa…but if you are together..for sure..extra caring mo to each is kinda sweet ah because even when he is sick he thinking of u and the kids

  3. sa ngayon medyo mahirap ang sitwasyon nyo, but in due time,you would be able to take care of each other when you both get sick, sana lang eh di sabay, hehehe.. Terry seems to be be a great guy and you are a great gal yourself. You are both lucky to have each other.

  4. ang hirap ng magkalayo lalo na at may sakit .nararanasan ko yan pag na dedestino ng ibang bansa si hubby for months(3 months yung pinakamatagal) .telepono lang kami nagkakausap.

  5. yes sis… tama ka… for sure you'll take good care of each other lalo na pag magkasama kayo when either of you is sick… soon your papers will be fixed sis… God knows the desire of your hearts…

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