Couples Corner : He’s in charge

It was not at home though but he was in charge of Faith when he is here, Faith is so handful ever since she loves to go on her way so there was this chance that I have to go to Pag ibig insurance office and my husband told me that he will just let Faith roam around the place outside the office, it is either they will go to Digital Interface the company I used to work before since it is near at the office or they will just order some coffee in the nearest coffee shop. I was not around when he, Mj and Faith walk out in the office, Faith’s began to walk pass him and he was there always to follow her, Mj was assisting his Dad but my youngest daughter would squirm when Mj will try to carry her. It took one hour for me to pay at the office since the line was very long, when I was finish and tried to look for them, I saw my husband waving at me from the coffee shop, sweating!

One day, when Mj accompanied me to Pag ibig office, she told me about what happen when we left them there, she said Daddy had a hard time when Faith starts to run around the street, and doesn’t want to be followed. She said “Whew Faith” lol I can imagine the face of my husband trying to pacify Faith to calm her but you know my youngest daughter sometimes gets what she want.

We never experience yet things like he was really left alone at home with kids around, wait till we will live at the same roof because when he is here we always stayed at the hotel, where all foods were served at the restaurant.

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  1. Para kabalo pud unsay bation nimu gurl kung gagukod-gukod ka ug bata.. hahaha! Salamat jud Anne sa support… heheheh!

  2. hirap ding mga habol ng bata ano.buti na lang anak ko pag si hubby nagbabantay takot yon magtatakbo at papagalitan siya or papaluin ng daddy nya.

  3. Hahahaha, first time baby ba ni hubs mo si Faith sis? Pero alam mo very loving ang mga puti sa mga bata, pansin mo ba? Maalaga pati sila. Sensya ka na madalang na lang ako magbloghop, super busy tutoring my daughter kasi. Ito nga at past 2 am na but gising pa ako, trying to blog lol.

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  4. Hehehe! siguro tulo ang pawis ni Terry kakahabol ke Faith. Ang hirap kaya mag alaga ng ma anak, lalo ganyang edad. Si Alex na lately na lang kumalma eh. Si Rodney di yan nagsaama ng maliit na bata, lately na lang niya sinasama si Wrozlie sa fishing, kasi dun nakaupo lang ang ma bata sa upuan, Pero sa mall? never siyang nagdala ng bata. Tumatanda na kasi si Rodney, kaya sumusungit na, hehehe.

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