PBWeekend : Meeting with Barney and Friends


When we were on our to go to church, it suddenly rain so hard and I was worried we will get wet since we have to walk for a few meters to reach the church. I decided to tell the driver to drop us off in the mall instead. When we went inside the mall, Faith was having fun meeting the Barney and friends, don’t get me wrong it was only a statue lol after she mingle with them, we went to the grocery to shop. And we headed to Mandarin to eat our dinner right after we shop.

P.S. Sorry for blurry pictures, I forgot my camera yesterday and was just using my phone.

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  1. he he he,akala ko talagang may show jan ang Barney & Friends eh, pero mukhang wala naman paki si Faith kahit statue,basta sya masaya at nakita nya si Barney.
    About the fruit sis, it's a fresh Cherry, kung alam mo yung alatiris, ganun yun,malaki lang ng konti,at syempre,mas masarap sa alatiris, he he he, pero na miss ko tuloy ang Makopa. 🙂
    Happy Monday!!!

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