I missed my aerobics session

It has been a while since I didn’t go to the gym, I mean how could I go and do the aerobics session while I really don’t have time at all. My only rest day is Thursday and I have to be with my little girl the whole day since my sister will not be here on that day because she had to purchase some stocks and goods for their store.

Obviously, I am getting fat; my tummy is bulging out again. Lipofuze is what I need at this time since I have no time at all for going to the gym. How I wish I can just grab it in at the store nearby here but I guess my luck is only over the Internet. Good thing my husband said that he would bring some diet bars for me, maybe it would work for me until I get some time to hop in at the gym. I missed the dance aerobics so much, every time I would hear that music at the malls or in the radio that our instructor played during our session, I sometimes can’t stop dancing the beat.

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