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I thought it is acne

When I was on my way to Mj’s school, I saw a kid whom I thought got an acne’s on her face and her shoulders. I almost told the Mother to get a best acne treatment but I was taking a hold because how could she get such skin allergy while she is still a toddler. It must be an allergy or something, I asked the mom about it and she said it is a chicken pox and they are heading to a doctor for a check up. I was so touch because the one year old little girl smiled at me though I was concern that she might pass on her illness because they were just taking a public vehicle to go to a doctor, I immediately bought an alcohol to disinfect since I will be on my way to my eldest school.

I hope the baby will be alright and will be treated real soon because she is such a charm when she smiles. Good thing she doesn’t have a fever, that she could still manage to walk with her Mom with their little umbrella to protect her from the heat of the sun. I was in my 4th grade when I have a chicken pox, and it was so uncomfortable and I feel like dizzy at all times, I am so proud of that girl because she still makes my heart melt with her gestures.

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