I really might need a car this time

I am desperately needed a service here because taxi’s really takes a burden in my pocket. From Mj’s school to the swimming venue, it is already P 150.00 and sometimes when we have so many things to carry, I don’t have any other choice but to take a taxi going home. At Kumon, we would spend P195.00 from here to the place. I desperately need a service, it doesn’t have to be a brand new car or a new model, second hand is right for me. I was setting the thought aside when my husband already submitted our papers, but since I can’t hear whereabouts of it anymore and it seems like we would still be here for a couple of years, maybe spending for a car will not be a waste. What do you think?

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  1. if you always travel and your transportation costs (especially when you ride taxis) are becoming so expensive, then getting a second hand car might be an option. just remember that if you own a car, you'll be shouldering the insurance, registration, maintenance/repair costs – and the fuel, of course (and other incidental costs).

  2. Im sure plete sa taxi nag mahal na sd. magisi bulsa nimu ana sistah. go get a car, pila ra bayad installment hehe

  3. Mao lagi shy oi, huna huna bitaw sad ko ana, mao na ug dili mi mag apas ug time mag jeep mi oi mao lang kay kapoy na kau mj dili ka plastar ug tarong haist

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