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When I was still young, I never dreamed of marrying a foreign man, it’s odd but it was my older sisters who were dreaming of being attached to any foreigners not that they were depressed or they cannot pay tuition fees in college because when they started making pen pal was when they were already graduated in college and has a job, it is just, it was their dream to feel how is it to be in love with a guy from other country. I even told them before that if they could go to the states, the only thing I want as a gift is an original Barbie doll, and take note I was already in college at that time.

Thus, I only wanted a simple life, a husband that could weigh things for me and someone who doesn’t turn his back on me. When I finished in college, I wanted to meet someone who was matured enough than I was, unluckily most of them were younger than me. I have nothing against age and such but I guess I should have stick with older men. I never dreamed of a perfect guy but a right guy for me, I never dreamed of a hunk man but someone who would love me until my last breath. I grew up without parents so from then on; I always look for love that is endless, just like my eldest daughter love for me.

Just like any other couple, we also have shortcomings; we disagreed at times and fought. He sometimes can’t do his promise and I sometimes get so stubborn but in the end of the arguments, we find ourselves longing for each other. He is not that perfect for me but he is the right one and an angel sent to me from above. He may have done things that get me really mad but he is the man I dreamed since then. I just hope and pray that we will be together real soon, Oh God please hear us!

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  1. Baliktad tayo ,ako naman bata pa lang talagang foreigner na dream man ko .at ayun natupad naman.

    gawa na nga rin ako ng CC for my dream man

  2. Hehehe never thought I could marry a white american before, ang sa akin lahit kahit na sino basta mabait 🙂 thanks for the comment tatess

  3. Ang sweet mo naman anne. Well, ang arguments naman eh kakambal ng married life yan, super boring naman kung walang konting tampuhan di ba? Ang mahalaga eh at the end, kiss and make up, oh ha..

    Thanks for joining this week!

  4. Parehas tayo Anne, ako din never in my imagination that I would marry a foreigner lol. Taga bukid kasi ako so who would have thought that a foreigner would find a amazona from Mt. Tralalala lol.

    Hay buhay, mine is at Spices sis.

  5. Hi Anne,

    Kahit ano pa ang lahi basta matino, mabait at may faith, okay sa akin.

    I am so happy that so far we are complementing each other's strengths and are supportive not to highlight our weaknesses, ganun nga ata talaga sa buhay may asawa.

    Have a great day!

  6. aww! ako din wala talaga sa hinagap ko ang mag asawa ng foreigner at di ko ata kaya mamimilipit ang dila ko everday… hahaha!!! kaya siguro di foreigner ang binigay ni lord sa akin… I'm praying with you, sis… God will grant that prayer real soon…

  7. Same rin tayo, I even don't look at Filipinas who are having foreigners at their sides before, but in the end, I'm caught. Lols, God bless you Anne 🙂

  8. @ Melcole but marrying with the right man is a lifetime happiness indeed. I bet you are so lucky too of your husband cheers girl

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