Ruby Tuesday # 12 : New Clothes

Ruby Tuesday

Faith’s clothes were getting small for her, so I must buy her some new clothes. Right after we watched the “I’ll be there” of KC and Gabby Concepcion, we headed immediately to the kids wear and tried her numbers of outfits. The only clothes which I thought it would look her pretty and nice were the shorts and a white blouse, a mini skirt and a red blouse. Well, she looked like a little lady when she wore the mini skirt on Sunday.

Happy Ruby Tuesday Everyone!

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  1. love those pairs… growing out of their clothes so quickly…maong kanang barat ra akong gapaliton for Akesha…ehehe….:)

  2. Indeed she will look like a little lady sis {I hope it's just okay with you I called you sis as in sister in blogland :)} Anne with that its pair of red shirt.. cute! happy ruby Tusday..

    here's mine:
    My Ruby Tuesday: Red flowers, Etc

    Sorry late in hopping-in sis.. but then I hope you could visit mine. muahhh!

  3. Hi Cacai hehehe it's absolutely fine with me if you call me sis… Hehehe I miss my sister in SIngapore though but were not in good terms haist. Thanks sa comment Sis cai

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