PBWeekend : The Street Kid’o


Since sister was not here last Saturday, I have to bring Faith to the Kumon and to the swimming venue. When Mj was done with her Kumon, we went to the Chimes to buy her a new swim suit. While we were paying our purchased items, Faith was pretending a street kid and was inside the hole, the hole is a stand for bags mannequin wearing swim suits. The staffs attention were on her and they laughed so hard when they saw Faith pretending that she doesn’t have a Mom to take good care of her, she also giggled as the staffs laughed at her.

Oh no! I’d been bad, I roam around the mall and I was lost,
I could not find my Mom. Help!

Hehehe, she was just pretending. When the staffs saw her there,
they cannot stop laughing.

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