Embrace The Season

Here comes the rainy season, the drought is finally over. I am so glad that its rained this past few days, in fact it is raining now almost everyday. Now we are not dealing with drought and too much sweating anymore and worry no more with blackouts, but since it keeps on raining each day what we are worried for is the flooding and storms in some areas of the country. I hope it will not be devastated as what happen last year. I want to embrace this season but something has stop me, would this be again another trials that we have to overcome for all of us? Oh GOD please let us not suffer when it is too much, and if some of the city will going to experience again another strong typhoon or storms please shed them your cares and love and protect them from any harm.

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  1. Have a happy rainy days dha sis Anne.. ang Camiguin kaha^ no.. nag-ulan ba pod kaha.. akong mga folks did2 sge'g ingon nga init kono kaau did2.. nangapilay kono mga saging.. 🙁 Anyway, I hope nga nag-ulan pod did2.. muahhh!

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