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I was sad to see those trees

I always have a heart with trees growing old in our area, I feel so delighted when somehow even how polluted it is in another city, we are still blessed here because we can still see some old trees in the ground. Furthermore, it helps us with our environment and it helps us to minimize the flooding. But the trees I used to see near my eldest daughter school were gone. They wipe out that mini forest that I thought it has been there for years and years now and they just cut it out in an instant. The green color was replaced with emptiness, and I feel like I heard the logs crying out loud and asking why they have to be taken out from their shelter. It was like they had been demolished without a notice to inform them that their stay is already expired.

How inconsiderate these people are, especially when the lots were offered to elite people and were not given to some less fortunate ones. Don’t they think of the circumstances ahead when all our forests are gone? We don’t only need shelters but trees as well too; they are the one helping our environment, minimizing the flood in downtown and landslides so to speak. I hope our government would care enough of our forests and trees, please take the green back for our mother earth.

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