I So Love My Acer Aspire

I talk to my husband a lot over the internet, even when I am out with MJ at her swimming or at Kumon. What makes this so easy is that we both have an Acer Aspire. It is so light and portable that I can take it anywhere. So even if I am not at home, we are still able to keep in touch. I just love having my Acer Aspire around, my friends in swimming venue even teased me when I did not bring it there, the last time Mj has training, well we went shopping after Kumon and it’s also dangerous to carry it in public places, it’s the most target for thieves other than a cellphone. So I thought it would be better to leave it when I have to go to the mall or such.

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  1. It's really great to have a portable laptop that you can take with you anywhere you go..It keeps you sane when you're out of things to do and you're by yourself..hehe we have one, too but since I really don't go out of the house that much, yet and no need to for now, it's just sitting in the closet..Ewan nga kung may battery pa yun..hehehe

    OK nman po ako, te..Hihintay nalang sa paglabas ni baby 🙂 ..Kayo po, kumusta na?

  2. what I purchased my netbook I checked the consumer report and acer aspire is one of the top list and best buy

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