I can’t join for now

I will not be joining for any Meme’s for one month I guess, I was so busy lately. The store eats my time a lot, not to mention that my eldest daughter has two other activities this school year, her Kumon and swimming class. Our house is too far away from both venues, and I don’t have a car. We oftentimes waiting for public utility to send us home or to the place, so even just waiting, it already consumes our time. But I don’t have any regrets though of joining Mj to those extra curricular activities, it makes her more active and healthy although there are times she really gets tired. She even asked me if she could buy a powerade energy drink when she goes swimming because her training now is more complicated than they have before. Their kick and waving of their arms have to be perfect, they are following the strokes of the swimming competitions. Maybe next year, if we are still here, she can compete in Manila already, that’s why I really have to bring her to her swimming class three times a week. I hope next month, I can join again

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  1. nako sis you are not required to join memes…ehehhehe….minsan kasi parang chore yung mga memes….lol! but I like joining on some though….:)

    take your time…hirap kaya…may store ka at may 2 chikiting…nako…super mami…hehehe!

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