PBWeekend : Swimming Competition


I know some of you knew already that I’d been bragging and talking of my eldest daughter swimming competition last Saturday. Mj was almost doesn’t want to compete because she said she can’t make it, that night before she said her right arm was having cramps and she can’t swim with them at the competition. She has so many excuses but I told her if she can’t have a place, it was alright as long as she did her best. So suddenly she was motivated and is willing to try the competition.

Meeting with coach, just before the program starts
Faith was intently looking for her sister

During the event, the parents were not allowed anymore to approach their kids at the ready bench so to minimize the tension. The host said it will be just for fun, we don’t have to put it in our mind that it is a competition; they also told us that they will just test their speed when they swim. So from the basic down to the freestyle, I haven’t talked to Mj, I guess she knows already what she will have to do when she is there.

The ready bench, where they would wait for their turn
Mj with her freestyle stroke

Faith was cheering for her Ate Mj

When she is already standing at the edge of the pool, her youngest daughter can’t help but to cheer with her Ate, she even said ” Go, go go Ate Mj!” then I know, if Mj heard her youngest she will be inspired and would finish the game. After the game, Mj showed me her award, 3rd for the breaststroke, 3rd for the backstroke, in which she told me she was able to make it straight this time and her coach was there cheering her up, and she got the 2nd place for the freestyle. I already posted some pictures at the Little World of Fun, but I can’t get enough of it so here are the rest of the pictures.

Mj and her coach during the receiving of her certificate
The awards and the certificates

After we arrived home,
I told them to strike a pose

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