I was so tired but happy

For the last two days my Internet connection was totally out, I have called my Internet provider and said they would send out a technician very soon. Yesterday while I was out the tech support called me and said they would extend another pipe for the antennae to elevate more and that is the only solution they have to get me back my Internet connection. So even though that means I have to pay another P 700.00 for the pipe, I said yes because that’s the only way to be active here in cyber space.

They informed they will be here at home at 3:00 p.m., and the event for the competition is today. I have to wake up so early in the morning to attend my eldest daughter’s graduation day for her swimming lesson. It was dreadfully hot outside but with the event they had organized for the parents and the swimmers was all worth it. Mj got the third spot for the speed test both for breast stroke and back stroke and 2nd for the freestyle, I thought she could not do it to the other side, it was 50 meters and surely she would run out of air since she has been complaining about her snots stocked inside her nose. But even though it was hard for her she had finished the game and spotted the 3rd place. I am just so proud of her, they were six in the race, and I sat there and was stunned with her performance, of course she is not quiet fast yet like the others but she did a good job. So guys I must rest early now and I hope you all understand but I’ll make it up all of you next time.

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