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I went to visit my BFF

Last Saturday, I went out to visit my BFF since it has been awhile we never seen each other. I was too quiet busy this past few months that I really didn’t have time to meet or visit them. Good thing that last Saturday after I bought the table for the store, I have free time to go to my friend’s house. And I just learned that she is active again with blogging, she is also would like to put a domain on it.

After we ate her aunt’s hamonada, some ice cream and a piece of cake, I went on to try applying her blog to a domain, it was successful, the host gave us the customer number and now I am trying to update the DNS and the like. We are still waiting for the status to get ready most probably by tomorrow. So guys watch out for “My Rendezvous” to have its own domain in no time, and please if you were able to add her before, kindly change the URL and if you did not add her yet please add her to your blog roll. I will update you soon for her change domain URL right after I am finished with it.


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