Pissed Off With The Driver Last Night

Last night right after we bough school supplies for Mj, we went ahead outside to hail a taxi cab. We patiently falling in line to wait for a cab and when there’s one available for us, we immediately hopped inside the taxi. When I told them about our destination, the driver began to murmur that our place is so far and that it’s so traffic on our way there and that when he would return the mall would already be close.

I didn’t react and let it pass by, but then he did not stop, he keeps on complaining of the place. As far as I know, the taxis here are coming back and forth so I don’t know why, what was he complaining to. I did not react in the taxi cab because if I did, he might do things that could harm us, they are the one controlling the steering wheel and he can do anything he want. So I just remain silent and tried not to listen to him. When we arrived at home, my bill was P135.00, and my money is P 150.00, and instead he would give me my change he just said “Thank You” so that’s it! He did not even show me a gesture that he would give me, my change. And that does irritate me not because he did not give me my change but because I didn’t like his attitude from the mall down to our destination. I usually give extra to the drivers but with this nasty driver, I better not. So since he would never give me my change, in a spur of a moment, I told him he doesn’t treat his costumer like this and that he would not complain anything since he is driving a public utility.

I called their office and complained about the way he treat his customer, this kind of driver should be reprimanded and will not tolerate by. I was so pissed of and was so shaking so if you happen to live here in Davao, watch out for Maligaya Taxi with the body number 587. I tell you, he is the nastiest driver I’ve ever encounter and he absolutely give a bad image to his boss, not to mention that I am a frequent customer and a caller to their company.

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