PBWeekend : School Supplies

Mj was so excited last Friday because that was the day I promised her we would buy a new bag and some school items for her. And so after her tutorial class, we immediately went to the mall to buy the things and the kind of pencil she ever wanted. She supposedly wanted the other style of bag, but I told her to pick up a bag that has an organizer inside so her things would be still and will not turn upside down. We had to choose Barbie brand because as what I know Mj, she messed up with her things sometimes and that it would easily damage, I have known Barbie brand as a tough one and will not easily give up.

10 thoughts on “PBWeekend : School Supplies

  1. Hi Terry!

    What a nice bag that is! I also got my daughter a Barbie bag in HongKong but it's a backpack.

  2. Little kids (grown ups, too)love pink. I bet she is all exited on her first day of glass.

  3. Hi Ebie, yup she keeps on telling me everyday that she is so excited to go to school, I hope her being so excited would last until the school ends

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