Keeping your face clean

Unsightly blemishes and pimples more commonly known as acne is something that we have all had to deal with. I have two young daughters and they will certainly have to deal with them in the future. But what are the best acne treatments? Keeping your face clean and medicating acne when it first appears is the way I think it is best to deal with it. For me I usually used a light cream and anti bacterial wash, I have been using it since I graduated college. But now, my friend recommended me a sun block, as they said since it is undeniably hot here in our place, it is advisable if we used sun block. I also read about it somewhere.
On the other hand, I hope my kids would not suffer much of that as I did not when I was still young. I just used soap then, a baby powder and that’s it. I also did not eat much oily foods as it would cause having pimples. What about you? What are your tips to have a pimple free, would you mind sharing it to us?

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