Battle of the Bulge

Before Faith was born I had a smooth flat tummy. I was proud of it, but after her birth it seems that I have been fighting the battle of the bulge. Some ab workouts would probably help me reduce my midsection and make me look good again. But one thing I know, my husband will love me anyway, even if I am still fighting the “battle of the bulge.”
Do you battle like me? If you do, what are the work outs that you did that you think it work or has good results. I sometimes get tired of going to the gym, but I have to use their treadmill anyway because I don’t have one here at home and so to attend the aerobics session when I don’t have to send my eldest daughter to her tutorial class. It has been so many weeks now that I am faithful to do it and if I would continue doing this, I am sure I would get that flat belly I ever wanted. I hope it is not that exhausted though, wish me luck!

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