Severe Headache Tonight

I feel like the world has been tumbling down on me today. Right after we headed to the wholesaler store to buy some stocks for the store, my head started to ache and so heavy. I wanted to hit the bed when we arrived home but Faith was showing me something and doesn’t want me to sleep. She always charmed me and I always got mesmerize with her sweetness to me. So I decided not to rest and play with her at times in the living room, I could have write a post a while ago but my mind got blank when I started to write something, good thing that Faith let me do my thing here in the computer and she was too busy with Kicks Buttowski in the TV.
I asked Mj to buy me a pain reliever and I took it after I ate dinner. I also asked her to rubbed me a menthol ointment in my back and while she was so busy putting me an Efficascent oil in my back, Faith was so also busy walking in my back, I got a free massage from my two kids that made me feel so relax right now. Goodnight everyone folks, I hope I could visit another 200 sites tonight.
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Keeping your face clean

Unsightly blemishes and pimples more commonly known as acne is something that we have all had to deal with. I have two young daughters and they will certainly have to deal with them in the future. But what are the best acne treatments? Keeping your face clean and medicating acne when it first appears is the way I think it is best to deal with it. For me I usually used a light cream and anti bacterial wash, I have been using it since I graduated college. But now, my friend recommended me a sun block, as they said since it is undeniably hot here in our place, it is advisable if we used sun block. I also read about it somewhere.
On the other hand, I hope my kids would not suffer much of that as I did not when I was still young. I just used soap then, a baby powder and that’s it. I also did not eat much oily foods as it would cause having pimples. What about you? What are your tips to have a pimple free, would you mind sharing it to us?
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PBWeekend : School Supplies

Mj was so excited last Friday because that was the day I promised her we would buy a new bag and some school items for her. And so after her tutorial class, we immediately went to the mall to buy the things and the kind of pencil she ever wanted. She supposedly wanted the other style of bag, but I told her to pick up a bag that has an organizer inside so her things would be still and will not turn upside down. We had to choose Barbie brand because as what I know Mj, she messed up with her things sometimes and that it would easily damage, I have known Barbie brand as a tough one and will not easily give up.

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Battle of the Bulge

Before Faith was born I had a smooth flat tummy. I was proud of it, but after her birth it seems that I have been fighting the battle of the bulge. Some ab workouts would probably help me reduce my midsection and make me look good again. But one thing I know, my husband will love me anyway, even if I am still fighting the “battle of the bulge.”
Do you battle like me? If you do, what are the work outs that you did that you think it work or has good results. I sometimes get tired of going to the gym, but I have to use their treadmill anyway because I don’t have one here at home and so to attend the aerobics session when I don’t have to send my eldest daughter to her tutorial class. It has been so many weeks now that I am faithful to do it and if I would continue doing this, I am sure I would get that flat belly I ever wanted. I hope it is not that exhausted though, wish me luck!
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