For four years she was living in despair, her mother was so ill and was already bedridden because of her cancer. Her father was a community hero, he was a good lawyer and most of the town really appreciates his skills as a lawyer and most of them have been his very good client. When his wife died, the whole town was for him, they gave them their sympathy and his only daughter. His daughter, Grace who dress like she has been aged yet she is only 17. She took good care of her mother for four years and has been an obedient daughter for her parents. She was described as a very aloof and so withdrawn, she spends her time to her Mom and was not like the other teenagers, and she stayed home most of the time after school.
That day was the day they had to send her mother to its last destination; Grace served all the guests very well. That night as she was very tired, her father told her to get rest after the last guest went home. She told her Dad, she better wash the dishes and clean the house. She saw her Dad went to his bedroom and so she finish all the chores before she went to her bedroom to take a shower as well. She lay down in the bath tub feeling the water in it, unnoticed with how beautiful and how slender her body is, she was lying down there, trying to think of her future, now that her mother is gone. She wanted to go away and be alone from this house; it has caused her a lot of pain. Her mom died now, and she has no reason to stay.
Her Dad knocked on the door, calling her and telling her to go outside with him. He said he is so worried and if she wanted to have someone to talk to, her father is just outside. She answered him back that she is alright and will be coming out after a while. After she was finished, she went outside and hand her Dad a coffee, she put back the plates to the cabinet when it was dry. She went back to her bedroom and locked the door; she wanted to sleep early, as tomorrow would be another day. But she heard her Dad calling her again and now forcing the door to open. She was shouting to leave her alone, her knees were trembling. She is so scared. He will do it again and just like those nights, the only difference is that her mother is not there anymore, there is no reason to do it, she is supposed to be free now but she is scared and frightened and doesn’t want to do it. He had forced the door, he was able to unlock it and now he is standing in front of Grace.
That is the story of the book I am reading now, the title of the book is Malice and of course it is from Daniele Steel. After this book, there’s a book waiting for me to read, I have to try the John Grisham, they said he writes so well, his books oftentimes contains about judicial law and such. I hope I would like it though it is impossible if I won’t because everyone loved his books so much.

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  1. Hello Anne,mahilig diay ka magbasa ug pocketbooks.Ako hilig nako kay precious hearts romances na mga pocketbooks 🙂

    Oo na-a na gyd mi sa Davao.Mingaw nako dri.Thanks girl sa pag welcome.Puhon kita ta.

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