Disconnected and Connected and Disconnected

I slept early last night because it has been so many night that I did not have enough sleep. I slept so late for this past few days and whenever I do that, it would be so hard for me to go to my dream land because my insomnia is kicking in. So last night, when I put Faith to sleep, I lie down beside her, unknowingly that my computer was turn on. I woke up around 2:00 a.m., and notice that so I immediately turn it off, but I found out that my YM was closed already and as far as I could remember it was on last night, but I didn’t give any damn issue on it, it maybe some creepy things that I don’t want to think of.

Later then I detected when I woke up this morning that I really didn’t have a Internet connection since last night. I called my ISP and informed them about my connection, the in-charge asked me things and that he would repair it. It was repair but when I hung up the phone with him, I was disconnected again and connected again and it goes on and off for like hours and I guess until now. Good thing that my neighbor did not secure their network and I could enter their connection without any hassle at all. I am sometimes using their connection and sometimes I would get back to my ISP. I hope this would resolve soon as my Internet provider told me so, when I called them the third time around.

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  1. Yes that's very annoying, when you depend on your internet and those things happen, grrrrr. thanks for dropping by girl.

  2. Doesn't sound good.

    I would ccertainly scan the computer with at least spybot and kaspersky.

    I hope thge matter will be resolved.

  3. i slept early last night too because my internet connection was way too slow that I lost interest using it. It really is annoying. Lucky you, you have a neighbor who shares their internet connection with you. 😉

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