The Abandon House

My friend and I stroll around their subdivision when I came to visit their house one day. Just when I noticed an abandon house nearby, it looked like the house was burn in a fire. My friend then told me how it was happen as we walked down to the store to get something to eat.
The parents of the kids were at work during that time and the nanny was the only one left at home. When she told the kids that she would be taking a bath, she didn’t know that the kids were already playing a match and tried to light a candle in the bedroom. The nanny was still in the bathroom when one of the kids knocked in the door and said that their bed was already on fire. The nanny then went out from the bathroom and tried to put off the fire but the fire spread in the bed so rapidly so she gather the kids and went out to ask for help. The neighbors came to help but it was already late, they just tried to put the acetylene tank outside the house so the fire won’t reach to the next house. When the parents came to the house, they were just thankful that their kids were safe although the house could no longer be useful at all.
They abandon the house because they don’t have enough funds to renovate it; I asked my friend if they ever have a whole life insurance, she said they don’t have any insurance that could help them for emergencies such as what happen. I thought if only they have one, they might have enough money to put the house up again, it is indeed better if you have something you could cling to when something happen for you and your family. But it is best if you put dangerous things in a safe place such as matches or anything that could cause fire so you will not wake up one day without a shelter to sleep on.

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