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Champions Train, Losers Complain

That was the text in the back of the T-shirts for swimming to be used on our graduation. On June 5th, we are all graduating for the four modules in swimming this summer. I as a parent who witnessed how rapidly fast they learned from the basic to the last one and Mj as the student who tried her best to cross the five feet deep in the pool. Now she is up to the proper training that would start maybe on July. I and the parents agreed to at least start not on June so for the kids to rest and to concentrate on the first month of their class.
I never regretted to have Mj join the Milo team this summer, this is a remarkable summer for both of us because aside from I really get well with parents out there, my eldest daughter could no longer drowned in the water. I already have so much confident in her to be at the deeper area in the pool, if she could stay at 6 feet, I am sure I can stay in 2 feet, Hehehe. Learn how to swim is my frustration; I am glad I enrolled Mj to this kind of activity.


  • simply kim

    wow! that was so cool! i've always wanted to learn how to swim, myself, but was too scared to try. maybe next year i'll send my kids to swimming lessons..

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