The Sleeping Driver

Today after we made a canvass for a small office table for the store, we immediately hailed a Jeepney to take us home. Mj was so tired from her swimming class so she fell asleep beside me, as the jeepney goes on, I notice that the driver was actually falling asleep too, the reason why our moving was sometimes awkward. We took the front seat so I was really getting worried; a thought came flashing in my mind if we could really get to our destination safe and sound.
As I could not take it anymore, I woke Mj up and said we will get down from the Jeepney; she was still so sleepy yet she did not complain. I told the driver to stop and we got down in an instant. I don’t want to risk my life and Mj’s to a sleeping driver.

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  1. Na my goodness! Na unsa ba uroy tong driver.. he needed more coffee ug mauhon… makaamong pod tong driver ra.. maayo nalang mommy anne b ni naug mo kaysa ma disgrasya simbako lang.. good for you guys! Good thing u r safe.

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