My House and My Store

When we moved into this house, apparently we didn’t have appliances; I decided to leave those things behind in our old house. When I shopped for the things we need to our house, I must admit that it was exhausting but definitely I had so much fun, knowing that it was my first time to live separately from my sister. From knives, scissors, box cutter, can opener, strainer, spoons, fork, plates, furniture’s like dining table, chairs, dish storage, closet, cabinets, sofa and appliances like TV, DVD player, side table, electric fans, bed, those I needed to buy. Good thing that during the day I shopped in the mall was on sale, so I have some discounts from the goods I bought.
Now, I am busy again of putting up a small business, which I will be holding for a few months and soon I would turn it over to my eldest sister. And every time I am involved with the constructions, I can’t help but to put my responsibility to it, I feel like I should be the one to purchase for the materials and send it to the workers. I have my eyes set on how the expenses go around and record it in my book. Although my sister said to leave the money to her husband so he would be the one to buy those materials, I just can’t, more often than not I feel obligated through all the things that’s going on at the construction.

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