Couples Corner : We, as Parents

I grow up without my parents so I became independent since then. When I only have Mj and I was at work, she used to be the one to take her bath at 3 years old, although her cousin would watch her from the door and guides her of what to do next. I oftentimes left her at home and be back at night after my work, it was a bit hard for both of us but I have to work full time outside our house. I always miss her smiles and laugh at home so every time I have a chance to bond with her, I always bring her outside, go to wonderland or in the mall for rides and we eat our meal together. It was not fair for her not to be always around her and I could see it in her eyes her excitement for just being alone with me.
When Faith was born, it was different because I gave up my job, I and my husband talked sincerely about it. He was also concerned about me, not working as I used to have a busy life outside. But we thought, it would be best for me and the kids to stay at home, being a mom is also a career that we have to be taken care of, it is a lifetime responsibility and their future will absolutely depend in our hands. I admit I missed working so much, but when Mj told me this morning that sometimes she would cry at night when she can’t find me in our bed before, I feel for her. My eldest carry the burden of being alone and I did not regret I have resigned. Mj was so happy when I quit my job, she even told me right after I submitted my resignation that it was the best of the best days in her lives.

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  1. Aww kakatiuch naman si MJ.. It's the best decision that you make in my own point of view coz then you have quality and quantity tine with them. Same reason I gave up my career too.

  2. di ba ang sarap ng feeling na your kids are so happy to spend time with you, di kayang bayaran ng pera yan. Being a mom is hard already, let alone single mom like you. But, look at Mj, she is well raised by you. I am so proud of you. and yes, you are the best of the best..hehehe..

  3. Hi rose, thanks for dropping by, yeah it was indeed the right decision. And I am glad that i have made the right decision

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