That Book Makes Me Cry

I just finished reading the book I bought last week, and as usual it was from Danielle Steel entitled Once in a Lifetime. I was so indulged with the story that I almost forgot the time as I was waiting for my eldest daughter to finish her tutorial class today. There were sometimes I could not help but cry with the story, it really touches the deepest part of my soul and though my eyes were already tired but I was still glued to it until I finished it.
The story was best described of a Mom who is so attached with his deaf son that she had sent him to a school. She had argued about it with her son’s doctor but later she thought it was best for him to learn from a school that he could be with kids who are the same as his. Although that means she would be far away from her one and only son and she felt deserted, she was alone and she thought of going to the school of her son everyday.
She was once a writer but she forgot all those things after what happened to her and her family, it was still so clear how her husband and daughter died in a fire. And she was sent to a hospital, giving her heavy dosage, not knowing she was already pregnant at that time, that explains her son become a deaf. She loved a man the second time again, she became so alive once and for all, she was inspired to write and even submitted one to a publisher and they bought the story after four days but her motivation to go back to the world she knew before died when the man she loved died at work. Life is tough at times and to go with the flow, she should be a tough woman too; she built a great wall for herself not to be attached to any man again except her son, the little kid whose love for her is true and forever.

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  1. Ay naku na adik ako kay Danielle Steele noong bago ako dito sa US, tapos naging Johanna Lindsey, ahahaha! magaling si Danielle Steele, puro drama ang story, nakakaiyak talaga.

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