Horse Riding VS Swimming

Well we know now that MJ is part fish. She loves swimming and is improving all the time. But it is too early to know what Faith likes. We know she loves the water but she cannot swim. Maryland and Virginia are considered “Horse Country,” in some parts. There are several equestrian venues located in both states. If Faith and or MJ become interested in horse riding we need to make sure they have the proper equestrian apparel. Riding lessons and participating in equestrian events might be fun for the girls and a pain in our pockets. I wonder how much exactly it would cost.On the other hand, my eldest daughter is doing so well with her swimming lessons, if we would enroll her to a swimming club in Maryland, maybe she will be qualify since the club that she is attending right now is also based International. I hope we still have funds to continue her swimming class after the four modules she is trying to finish so it will be easy for her to proceed at my hubby’s place since I think the swimming class here is cheaper than of that in the US and with that we don’t need to take her to a horse riding. Maybe Faith would like to try it if she doesn’t like swimming, we will just see what she likes when she grow up.

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  1. i love horseback riding kaya lang sa Baguio lang namin nagagawa yon. wala kaseng kabayo dito sa luga namin, ehehe.

  2. hi Rossel, wahh everytime Mj would see a horse, she would really scream for excitement wala din kasing horse dito sa amin wahh

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