Do You Think I Can Dance?

I love to dance; in fact when I was alone at home during college, you could find me dancing in the living room right after I finish house chores. Only then if you could get a chance because I would probably closing all the windows and doors, although I love dancing, in the contrary, going to disco bars was not the cup of my tea. I mean what’s the point of being there while you can’t move at all because of a heavy crowd.
I also used to join a dance contest at the organization I attended to every sports fest. Well, we don’t have any choice to say no since it was compulsory. I remember one friend she was persisted to run for a contest, though she doesn’t like but she has to then later we found her just walking because she can’t breathe at all. I missed dancing, that’s why when the aerobics session is mixed up with Latin dancing, hip hop or trendy dance. I didn’t hesitate to participate. Just today, I took a two hours session because the beat really makes you sway and gay. The instructor dances so well and we were really tempted to follow the steps, it was simple but it would make you sweat. I thought I cannot dance at all with my age, but I was wrong I still can follow the beat.

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