Enrolling Faith, Would it be possible?

When we arrived home, I noticed that there’s a day care just three houses from our house. So I decided to visit the place and inquire if they would accept toddler as early as two. I became so excited when they told me that they would accept enrollees as Faith age, she showed me what usually a two year old would do during class. She showed me their toys, their charts for numbers and letters, and some books.
Faith is fluent at times when she spoke some English words; she could imitate well the letter in starfall.com and with what the teacher told me of their way of teaching. I might going to try it; well I have to talk with my husband about it yet. When I arrived home I told Faith about it, and she said “Ma, school,” she tried to drag me to go out even she did not take a bath yet, when I went directly to the bedroom, she cried so loud.

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  1. thats good Anne..it will help her too. I did the same with my son and thankfully that it helped him prepared for pre-school.

  2. That would be a great experience for her.. I never done that with my kids though kasi I don't want to let them go as early as possible lol..

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