Couples Corner: Labor and Delivery

Mj I guess she’s a month old here

Mj 3 or 4 months old with Ate Mariel

2 hours old Faith

After two days from delivery

Well, let’s talk about my eldest daughter first, my eldest has not been accepted with my family when I was still pregnant with her. The only one who supported me are my friends, my best fried Janeth and my BFF Clarinda. I was just so alone at that time, though I still went home to our house but since all the people there ignored me because of what had happened I just took some books to read. I even thought I would go to the hospital alone with my bag and all that, good thing when I was about to due, they accepted me and my situation.
I was so nervous at that time, when everyone would go to sleep; I bowed my head and prayed so hard. I even called my Mom who was already in heaven long time ago, asking her to guide me when it’s my due. She never failed me though; I was sounded so asleep in my room that I heard someone whispered in my ear. I know I was not dreaming because I was really half awake at that time and guess what the voice was my Mom. She told me three times to get ready because I will deliver the baby soon, after that I went to the bathroom and then there it was a gushing of blood at the bowl. So I packed up all my things and told my sister in the other room that I would deliver the baby that day.
On the other hand with Faith, it was not a blood but somewhat small wet cotton went out from me. I don’t know what it was but I know that this was it. While Mj was fast and easy, Faith was the opposite. And to the fact that the doctor already sedated me, giving me a supposedly painless delivery but it turned out to be a cesarean operation. They asked me to do a fetus position that I was really crying hard and asked the doctor to help me. I really thought that I was going to die very soon and that I can’t when my kids are not growing up yet. They need me more than anyone in this world. And I can’t let them experience the way that I experienced before, I told my doctor I just can’t die, they have to help me.
After the operation, I chilled so much. I can’t control it, I feel like someone shook me so hard at that time. They have to put me near under a lamp so I will be heated. After four hours, I felt the pain in my wound. They told me I have to wait for 6:00 a.m., for me to take the medicine because they already gave me right after the operation and I can’t have a medicine yet. And since they don’t allow me to move, and they don’t allow me to drink some water. I asked my sister to call my husband but my sister said she doesn’t have credits in her phone anymore. Lastly I asked for a rosary to put where I was operated, they also gave me an ice bucket to put it there, still it didn’t work out. Finally the resident doctor arrived and decided to inject the medicine through the dextrose.
But all the sacrifices and hardships are all worth it because I have a very two active kids. I don’t think I can live without these two; they are so precious to me. A treasure that I must keep forever.

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