A Kid Crossing The Street

Last Thursday, while waiting for the tricycle to start its engine going home, a kid approach her dad who is the driver of the tricycle and asked him to accompany her to cross the highway. I didn’t know that Mj was just listening to their conversation. The father refuses his daughter but told her to go to the side where people were crossing the street and told her she can just walk with them. I noticed Mj was murmuring so I asked her what was going on, she whispered to me then that the father won’t accompany his daughter to cross the street and she was protesting, trying to let the father heard her murmurs. I saw the kid begging her dad because she was scared to cross alone yet her father shook his head. As I was really can’t help it anymore, I commented that the highway is not safe, and he should go to his daughter to cross the street.

The driver did not listen to me; instead he keeps on telling his daughter to walk with the people who were crossing the highway. I was aggravated with the father’s behavior until a friend of the kid passed by, the same as her age. And later I saw them crossing the street together. I was so disappointed with how careless her father had been. What if his daughter could not make it to the other side of the street, what will he do? Not to mention that the highway is so prone to accidents, there were kids there who were hit by a car or worst by a truck, some were dead some were alive but was already disabled.

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