He Was Looking For A Car

My husband was looking for a nice car for me online; I was so surprised with how serious he was looking for a car for me. He even gave me some links to it, if I like it or not. This is funny because I don’t know how to drive yet, I suggested it would be better if I enroll myself to a school driving first before we go and look for a car, or he should be looking first of which car insurance companies would be the best for me. I hope after Mj’s swimming lessons, I will be enrolling myself to a school driving, I guess I really need to know how to drive. I am so envy with those women know how to drive and I have to learn very soon.

I am so ready to go to a school for me to learn and in that way, I will not be commuting anymore. Jeepneys are so crazy at times, they drive so unlikely fast. And if you will complain, they would embarrass you by some comments in front of other passengers. They would say you’re an old fashion woman or you are chicken coward. Good thing that our mayor implemented a rule that if we find some drivers whose speed is crazy, tremendously so fast. We will just dial 911 and they would take good care of those drivers. Good luck to them, I hope they will be reprimanded that if they would be careless, they cannot drive again.

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