A Friend in Need

One day when I was browsing my face book, I found a message through my inbox from a friend. She wanted to solicit us of any amount for her thyroid cancer. She was pleading for a help so she could survive, she has two kids and both are growing up. This cancer is treatable when it is treated as soon as possible but how could she keep a big amount while she has many mouths to feed at home, her husband has a work but it is not enough for her for an operation or laser. Plus, she has to attain her son’s medication as he is also asthmatic.

I gave not much though but I hope it will help her to buy her some medicines. She is doing the alternative and she’s hoping it will do her right. She was nearly crying when she told me her condition, my tears were beginning to well-up also. I hope she could survive or at least she could have a long life for her kids. I told her not to think her condition that much because it will just make her more depress and later I was speechless, I mean how I could advise her not to think it seriously while her health is at risk. I am really praying so hard for her, I know there’s some way to get through it.

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  1. I have a thyroid problem too anne…I have a toxic goiter. That's why my right eye looks bigger than my left eye. Its the effect of my toxic goiter called graves disease. I have gone through a lot of tests to find out if my case can be treated with radioactive , I am always afraid of surgery. But, sad to say that surgery is the only way to get rid of the bukol hehehe. I am scheduled for operation too anytime before the year ends. I Hope your friend will find a way for her problem. She can go to the Red cross for assistance or to congressmen. They have budget for health assistance.

  2. that is so sweet of you Anne..she is lucky to have a real friend like you who is willing to help….good for yah!

  3. Hi anne, do you have any idea of any person we could ask for assistance in red cross, kasi iisa lang yata ang specialist dito sa davao and it is in Davao Doctors, would they still assist you kahit na nd siya sa dmc nag pacheck up?

  4. Thanks Dhemz, kakaunti lang naman yun, sana nga talaga makatulong. Our friends also send her money na for the labs and scan. I hope she will survive

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