Submission Successful and an Awesome Lay Out

I guess you already notice the changes of my lay out in this page and I guess you found it so remarkably astounding and yeah I am just so overwhelmed of my new lay out now. Please bear with me I just love it so much, this lay out is a gift for myself on Mother’s Day aside from my husband gift to me, I thought to change my lay out somehow so I could submit this one to my favorite paid site and I am sure you know what exactly it is.

Right after I edited and deleted some of my posts, I immediately send it to the paid site, and guess what? After two days they replied my email and said this page is all set to their company. Thank GOD I was able to transfer community without any hassle at all! Oh! Thank you Sheriff and Margie, you both are exactly the best!

And before I will leave for my aerobics session, I would like to say thank you Femikey for doing a very amazing lay out. Thank you so much girl!

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Favorite Pastime

My eldest daughter’s favorite pastime is swimming. She is like a fish. Her second favorite to do when she’s too occupied is listening to music. When her father bought an MP3 player for her cousin for Christmas, my daughter started to bug for an ipod, in fact she’s starting to look some ipods sale in the mall. Ipods are much more than just music players, but are 9 years old too young for one? What do you think, should I get her an ipod?

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