I May Consider To Pursue My Studies

I am a Management Accounting major yet although I believe I was good enough of financing and balancing stuff, I still don’t think I have enough knowledge when it comes to auditing. Simply because we don’t study that in my major, they cut it off to Accounting 6 which only studies about franchising, partnerships, banks and all that. We did not tackle the auditing since they said we are not an accounting major anyway. I so love accounting, I don’t know what’s gotten into me when I first introduced with it; I was like possessed or something despite the fact that I hated numbers. My friends told me to shift my major into accounting so I would explore more but I had so many baggage’s before and I really want to finish my college the soonest possible time, besides it was too late for me to shift since I was already on my third year college that I discovered I am good at it.

However, I guess it is not too late for me to try and enroll myself for energy auditing or at least pursue my studies to Accounting major. I know it would be tough for me to do that, I mean I have a two kids to take good care of first and knowing that the course I love to take, it is sometimes time consuming, depressing at that yet challenging. Well, let’s see when the plans of moving out will takes place, perhaps I would consider that.

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