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Unlike Mj, Faith was more difficult when I was still pregnant with her I have gone to the hospital and admitted there twice because of her, well I guess it was my fault too since I was really struggling myself to go to work every night although my husband advised me already to stop working. I was too adamant to pursue my job as an agent at a night shift. Well, I was trying to save my SSS and Phil health fees as soon I will deliver my baby.
My friends used to kid me around, they said I should name my baby after our project we were assigned to, our account name was Siebel something, so they were thinking there should be Isabelle in her name. Faith was a bit shy when my friends had to touch my tummy at the call floor, she wouldn’t move at that but she move vividly every time I take calls. And gosh I don’t like to enter our office canteen, it smells like a lot to me, I felt like I was so suffocated by a variety of viands the moment I was there. I sometimes have to drop by at the Jollibee to buy me some foods for the night before going to work, in that way I could stay out of our canteen. But mind you I always bought flat tops chocolate in my pocket at work.

Mj gave me signs when she was on her way out and I asked the same thing for Faith. Although not really as what I had experienced with MJ but at least she gave me a hint. I went to the hospital right away after that, even though it was really hard for me to deliver her and I believe the half of my life was already in grave at that time, when I saw Faith all the sacrifice, and hardship was all worth it. I so love my kids as much as I love myself and their Dad. I think I will never be whole without them.

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  1. your angel is worth all the difficult times you had during your pregnancy.

    thanks for dropping by and for your comment.

  2. Anne, naku nung buntis din ako ke Wrozlie, meron akong naamoy na nakakasuka talaga, hehehe. Noong si Dan, ayokoko ng adobo, noong si Roan, ayaw ko ng hotdog, noong si Wrozlie at Alex, lahat gusot ko na, hahaha!

    Kahit mahirap magbuntis ok lang sa atin basta makita natin ang ating mga anak na malusog di ba? kahit anong iri pa yan, basta lumabas lang sila masaya na tayo. Thanks for sharing your pregnancy experiences ha..

  3. Awww nakakatouch naman yung signs that they gave you.. Pareho pala tayo na pinatigil sa work hehehe. I stop working as soon as I could though kasi takot akong makunan lol..

  4. meron palang pregnancy na mahirap sis nho? i hope dli ko maglisod if mgpreggy nako….pero sulit naman na paglabas ng baby girl mo

  5. Hi rose, kay Mj eh narining ko ang ang boses ng mama ko telling me na I will give birth soon, kay Faith nd pa masakit ang tiyan ko eh may lumabas sa akin para siya cotton na ewan, basta I know un na un hehehe

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